FAQs – Buyer

How does PRM SPLY work?

How Do I Get Started with Buying on PRM SPLY?
After you Sign Up for your PRM SPLY account, you can start purchasing on the marketplace. As a live marketplace, PRM SPLY empowers you to buy at real-time prices that reflect the current demand. This can be done in three easy steps:

1. Buy

Buy now at the current selling price.

2. We Verify

Your item is shipped to us from the Seller for verification

3. We Ship to You

When your item is verified, it is shipped to you!

Return Policy

PRM SPLY is a live marketplace and prices fluctuate based on supply and demand in real-time at the seller’s discretion. As such, once an order is created we are unable to facilitate any returns, exchanges, or swops – all sales are FINAL. You can always resell the item on our platform if you no longer wish to keep it. For information on how to get started as a Seller on PRM SPLY, please visit click here

While we cannot accept returns or exchanges, every purchase on PRM SPLY is backed by our Buyer Promise. Should we make a mistake (e.g. we ship you the wrong order, we incorrectly verify an item), we’ll make it right.

At times, you may have an issue with your order that does not qualify for support under our return policy or our Buyer Promise. In these instances, we encourage you to resell your item on PRM SPLY.

The following issues are not supported:

• Incorrect Size: We are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swops—including if you ordered the wrong size or the item does not fit as intended.
• Items 2 years out from release-date with signs of damage consistent with aging: Some of the products available on PRM SPLY are many years out from their original release date. Despite requiring all items be sold unworn, we take into account product age during our verification process. Due to this, there may still be structural decomposition consistent with aging among certain product types, such as sneakers.
• Price Fluctuations: On PRM SPLY, prices fluctuate in real time based on the supply and demand in the market. For Buyers, we are unable to offer refunds or credits should the price of your item decline after purchase. For Sellers, we are unable to cancel orders if the price of your item increases after your sale. We maintain this policy to support the integrity of the marketplace.

What is PRM Protection?

At PRM SPLY, our mission is to provide a safe and secure experience for buying and selling the world’s most coveted items of current culture. Our goal is for customers to access the most sought after products without the fear of receiving incorrect or inauthentic goods.

The PRM Protection solidifies this mission by providing support for Buyers should we make a mistake (e.g. we ship you the wrong order, we incorrectly verify an item). In the unlikely event that this happens with your order, please submit a support request form within 24 hours of receiving your item and we will work expeditiously to resolve the issue. As we require a case to be opened, we encourage you to open your package as soon as you receive it to ensure everything is as expected. The item must be unworn and in the condition that it was delivered, with the PRM SPLY tag still attached, in order to be eligible for PRM Protection.

In the event that PRM SPLY requests the item back, please expect a resolution timeframe of approximately five business days from receiving your item.

How do I contact customer service and when can I expect to hear back?

The Help Center always guides you to the most common questions you may have about PRM SPLY. Our goal is to help you resolve your issues as quickly as possible with expert insight, troubleshooting tips, and self-service solutions. For more personalized support, you can also request an email reply from our Customer Service team by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page.

From here, you’ll be able to select from three common queries or type in your own question using the text box.

1. Where is my Order?
2. Buying and Selling Information
3. Issue with purchased item

PRM SPLY will attempt to locate the most useful FAQ content to resolve your issue immediately based on the information you provide. If your query isn’t covered by the FAQ, you will be given the option to connect with PRM SPLY Customer Service by opening a case, where a teammate will contact you via email to follow up about your specific issue.

Please include your order number if applicable and attach any relevant files as well.


How much does shipping cost for Buyers?

Shipping fees vary based on a variety of factors including the price of the item, size of the item, item type, shipping costs determined by our carrier partners, and the shipping destination of the Buyer. Buyers will always see the entire shipping cost prior to placing a online order.

Can I change my shipping address after my purchase is confirmed?

Once your order is placed, we cannot change your shipping address. Please ensure before placing your order that you are selecting the correct shipping address.

Why hasn’t my item shipped?

PRM SPLY allows Sellers a shipping window of several days as a courtesy and a convenience to them.

Reasons why a Seller might not have shipped yet are generally one of the following:

• It’s still within the time frame allotted the Seller to package their item and drop it off at the shipping service.

• New release sneakers and streetwear = three days

• Supreme releases = five days

• Please note that day of sale, weekends, and public holidays do not count as shipping days

Other items may be given extended shipping time frames due to the nature of their release.

• The Seller requested a 24-hour shipping extension

What is the condition of items sold on PRM SPLY?

Footwear & Sneakers
Sneakers and shoes sold on PRM SPLY are considered “deadstock,” which means that they’re new and unworn at the time of sale. Deadstock sneakers must include the original box, the box lid, and the box label indicating the shoe size.

With sneakers sold at retail, some pairs will pass PRM SPLY’s verification despite being unlaced, tried on for fit, and/or having slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections. Shoes may also pass verification despite the box having minimal damage from shipping, discoloration from storage and/or any normal wear and tear due to aging.

PRM SPLY also maintains a small number of B-Grades on our site. B-Grade is a mark/grade given to sneakers that have minor imperfections in manufacturing. You can determine if an item is B-Grade by reviewing the product page, as this will be specified within the product’s title. This mark/grade is commonly found stamped on the tag inside the shoe or on the shoe box.

Electronics sold on PRM SPLY are in brand new condition, with the packaging still sealed, and all retail accessories included. There cannot be any sign of damage, usage, or tampering.

PRM SPLY also carries a selection of refurbished electronics from manufacturer-licensed partners. You can determine if an electronic is refurbished by reviewing the product page, as this will be specified within the product’s title. Warranty eligibility will be determined by the manufacturer.

Apparel sold on PRM SPLY must be brand new, unworn, in flawless condition, and include any of the original accessories that came with the product from the manufacturer.

Watches sold on PRM SPLY must be brand new, unworn, in flawless condition, and must include the original, non-expired warranty card.

Collectibles sold on PRM SPLY must be brand new, in flawless condition, and include all original packaging. Some may have minor paint defects or manufacturing flaws that are uncontrollable.

Wallets that are sold on PRM SPLY are in brand new condition. However, as with wallets and accessories sold at retail, some items will pass PRM SPLY’s verification despite having been tried on, placed on display and/or having slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections. We strongly encourage every Seller to include any additional original tags, and/or boxes, and dust-bags but these are not required as they will vary depending on the original purchase location.

PRM SPLY requires all handbags to be in brand new condition. PRM SPLY defines this as unworn and in pristine condition. However, as with bags and accessories sold at retail, some items will pass PRM SPLY’s verification despite having been tried on, placed on display and/or having slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections.

PRM SPLY requires all glasses to be in brand new condition. PRM SPLY defines this as unworn and in pristine condition. However, as with glasses and accessories sold at retail, some items will pass PRM SPLY’s verification despite having been tried on, placed on display and/or having slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections.

How does verification help me as a Buyer or a Seller?

Part of the value when you buy or sell on PRM SPLY is our verification process performed at our Authentication Center. PRM SPLY maintains rigorous internal guidelines to ensure that everything on the site meets our standards. This commitment to quality is one of the reasons you can feel empowered buying and selling on PRM SPLY, knowing that your item is in good hands.

For Buyers, the verification process means you can expect your item to arrive in perfect condition and know that it’s been independently inspected for variations and more before it’s sent to you.

For Sellers, the verification process marks the end of your transaction with the Buyer, getting you paid and leaving the customer service aspects of the transaction to us so you can get back to selling! When you sell on PRM SPLY, the verification process allows you to focus on the reason why you’re there in the first place, while we take care of the logistics.

FAQs – Seller

How do I sell on PRM SPLY?

PRM SPLY is a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers can make online purchases on a wide variety of current culture items such as sneakers, streetwear, electronics and collectibles, based both on the item’s current valuation on the site, but also how much you’re willing to sell it for. PRM SPLY aims to make buying and selling a hassle-free experience: Buyers see the lowest available sale price, and Sellers see the highest available buying offer.

How Do I Get Started with Selling on PRM SPLY?
After you Sign Up for your PRM SPLY vendor account, set up your dashboard, upload your available product, track and receive payouts on your sales. You are ready to start selling on the PRM SPLY marketplace.

Payouts will be made weekly, every Friday.

Get started in three easy steps:

1. List Your Item

Upload your product, and set your selling price.

2. Ship

Ship your sold item to us within 3 business days

3. Get Paid

We verify and you get paid! We process payments every Friday.

As a Seller, what happens if I can’t complete a sale?

In the event that you can’t complete a sale, you may be penalized in the form of a fee or restrictions to your account until you have successfully completed a sale. Multiple canceled sales can also result in PRM SPLY suspending your account.

PRM SPLY offers incentives in the form of reduced fees for sellers that have a good record of successfully completing sales. If you’re unable to complete a sale, it may impact your Seller fees. 
What are PRM SPLY’s fees for Sellers?

For all PRM SPLY sales there is a 20% consignor’s fee, this will be deducted from your selling price before your payout is made. Keep in mind when listing your selling price to include your 20% consignment fee.

For example, if you wish to sell your item and be paid out R2000, you need to load your selling price as R2500 to ensure your payout will be R2000.

Note: A sale is deemed complete once the item has passed PRM SPLY’s verification process and the Seller has been paid out. PRM SPLY recommends you provide at least three business days for your package to arrive at PRM SPLY and to pass verification.

PRM SPLY will continuously evaluate your activity so you can level up and achieve additional benefits. Once you achieve a Level, you get the benefits immediately and retain those benefits for the current calendar quarter and the following calendar quarter.

How does shipping on PRM SPLY work for Sellers?

Once a Buyer has purchased an item on the PRM SPLY platform, you as a Seller will receive an email confirmation of your product being sold. This information can also be found in your account under the Selling > Pending portion of your sales page.

When you check your pending sales, PRM SPLY will also provide a shipping label and an invoice for you to print out.

The invoice is placed inside your box with your item so that PRM SPLY staff can verify the item being sent.

The shipping label should be attached to the exterior of the box so it can be scanned in when you drop it off at the shipping location.

In general, you’re expected to print out your label and invoice, package your item, and drop it off at PRM SPLY’s requested shipping carrier within two business days of a sale taking place on PRM SPLY.

Can I get an extension on shipping?

In order to ensure the best experience possible for all customers, we ask that Sellers ship their item by the specified date present in their order details.

In instances where a shipping extension is needed, Sellers are able to self-serve and request a 24 hour extension once per order. Note: a shipping extension must be requested prior to the Ship By date.

To request an extension, simply email shipping@prmsply.co.za with the order number in question.

If the order has already had an extension or the request is made after the Ship By date, the request will be denied.

What does the verification process entail for Sellers?

Once the product arrives at PRM SPLY, our dedicated verification team begins a thorough inspection, making sure it meets our condition guidelines. Only after being verified will the product be sent to the Buyer.

The exact nature of the verification process varies by item.

How long does the verification process take?

Once the item is received at a PRM SPLY Authentication Center, it can take 1-2 business days for an item to be inspected. The process can extend a few days if there are issues requiring further inspection from PRM SPLY’s Quality Assurance team.

As a Seller, can I expedite the verification process by providing a receipt of purchase.

Since the PRM SPLY verification process evaluates the condition of the item, its container and its accessories, PRM SPLY can’t accept proof of purchase as a way to expedite the verification process. However we do suggest always including your proof of purchase.

The best way to ensure your item passes verification quickly is to package it according to our guidelines with all required accessories, and ensure that you’ve done the best you can to store your item to minimize wear and tear on its box.

What happens if my item fails verification?

If an item is unable to successfully complete verification, we will return the item to the shipping address listed on the Seller’s PRM SPLY account.

For sneakers, all required accessories or extras will be returned along with the item in the event it is unable to successfully complete our verification process. However, we cannot guarantee that any receipts, extra stickers, and/or tags will be returned, regardless of the item.